Family Law

Being involved in family law is never easy on anyone, especially when stakes are high.  A change in your family life can be emotional and unhappy.  It’s during these trying times that you will need solid guidance through the legal system to ensure you are making the best decisions for yourself and your family.  Whether you are drawing up a prenuptial agreement, designing a parenting plan, or need to understand your divorce options, our experienced attorneys are here to help you build a thoughtful future.

Cromwell Law will guide you, advocate for you, and empower you to create sustainable, lasting agreements tailored to your family’s needs.

Divorce: You have options.

Couples in Montana have two types of divorce options available to them: nontraditional divorce (which includes Collaborative Divorce) and traditional divorce (Kitchen Table Divorce and Divorce Litigation). Each process has varying focuses, costs and end-goals. Click here to learn more.