Limited Scope Representation

We believe every Montanan deserves affordable advocacy and guidance through the legal system.  Limited Scope Representation can provide you with the opportunity to use only the legal services relevant to your situation.

Much like ordering something off a menu a la carte, Limited Scope Representation customizes your legal care.  Unlike traditional legal services, which are “all or nothing” representation, Limited Scope Representation allows us to break your case down into individual tasks.  You can then decide which tasks you will complete on your own, and which tasks you would like help with.

For example, Cromwell Law can assist you with the complex parts of your case, while teaching you how to handle the rest yourself.  We can give you legal advice, draft a document for you, or recommend a course of action. Limited Scope Representation’s “do-it-yourself” approach complements your self-reliance and strong work ethic, while still supporting you at critical legal junctures when professional knowledge and experience is required.

Because you hire us only when needed, Limited Scope Representation is often a flexible, convenient, and cost-effective way to approach legal matters. Additionally, our Limited Scope services are not restricted to those who live within the Bozeman area.

We can provide the following services as Limited Scope Representation:

  • Legal advice
  • Legal coaching session
  • Review or analysis of your case
  • Review of case documents
  • Documents for the Court
  • Legal research
  • Factual investigations
  • Negotiation
  • Mediation

At your initial consultation, we will assess whether traditional representation or Limited Scope Representation is appropriate for your case.