Flat Rate and Traditional Billing

We seek to offer affordable and predictable billing methods for our clients. Instead of solely relying on traditional billable hour and retainers like most law firms, we attempt to use flat rate billing as often as possible. Flat rate billing is a fee-for-service method that allows you to know exactly what your legal fees will be before you hire us.

For more straightforward cases such as uncontested Family Law matters or basic Business Formation and Estate Planning, Cromwell Law has existing flat rate fees. In these cases, much like ordering off of a menu, you choose a specific legal service and the corresponding flat rate fee. For more involved cases such as a Contested Divorce, Collaborative Divorce, or complex Business and Estate Planning needs, we will meet with you for an initial assessment to determine whether a traditional or flat rate billing method will be applied.

Generally, the flat rate fee is due before we begin work on your case. However, for those who require it, we can arrange simple debit or credit card monthly payments to ensure that our services are accessible.

Contact us at (406) 570-7652 or via email for information about specific rates or you may also schedule an initial consultation here.

Other Costs

With our flat rate billing method, you are in charge of paying third party costs. For example, when you go to the Courthouse to file for divorce, you will need to pay the filing fee to the Clerk. We will not advance costs to third parties on your behalf.

How Can I Pay?

You can pay by check, cash, credit card, debit card, or ACH e-check through MyCase online, in the office, or over the phone.

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