Divorce - Costs

Divorce expenses depend on court costs, the complexity of your case, and lawyer fees. A traditional lawyer-client relationship works on an hourly rate plus any additional costs, such as the fees for filing the documents. Some offices offer unbundled services (also called “limited scope representation”) which works on a flat-fee basis and allows you to choose which tasks your lawyer will perform and which you will do yourself. Cromwell Law can answer any questions about either method as they are practiced in both limited scope and traditional hourly services.

 Here in Gallatin County, the fee to open a divorce proceeding is $245 – $200 for filing the petition itself plus a $45 judgment fee. Further information (including how to handle the fees if you are unable to pay the cost) can be found at http://gallatincomt.virtualtownhall.net/Public_Documents/gallatincomt_distclerk/divorce.