Co-Parenting Strategies - When Your Child Refuses to Go to Your Ex

A common challenge of shared parenting is when the child refuses to go to the other household. Try not to assume that there is anything wrong with the other parent. While this is possible (while gentle – but not leading – questions like “What is it about mommy/daddy’s home that makes you unhappy?” can help determine this), it is likely that they’re reacting to the reminder that their parents no longer live together. In fact, it’s probably happening at both households. Listen, but don’t let your hurt over the divorce cause you to attack your ex and inadvertently wound your child, who still needs a healthy relationship with both parents. In the end, all they may need is calm but firm reassurance. They trust you. Their new routine will soon become a stable part of their lives.

(Information gathered from “When Your Child Says ‘No, I Don’t Want to Go!’” published in Your Parenting Plan: A Client Manual from Family Advocate.)