If you find yourself either considering or simply facing a dissolution of your marriage, the traditional image of divorce – two couples fighting in court while a judge makes the final call – is no longer the only option you have. Cromwell Law specializes in non-traditional divorce, which is designed to decrease the costs and keep more of the decisions under your control.

On one end of the spectrum of non-traditional divorce you have the do-it-yourself types, who are able to come to much of the decisions themselves, and may only need a lawyer to offer advice, explain the process, or either draft or simply check over your final documents. On the other end is collaborative divorce, where you have a team that helps you and your spouse resolve your divorce out of court.  The team includes you, your spouse, your attorney, your spouse’s attorney, a neutral mental health coach and a financial planner.  

In between those two options is a third one, which we’ll be highlighting in our next blog series: mediation. In the mediation process, a lawyer is hired not on behalf of one spouse or the other, but to act as a neutral facilitator in your meetings, as you work through all of your divorce decisions.