Divorce Mediation

If you and your spouse cannot agree to the terms of your divorce, issues are resolved through mediation or by a judge.  Here in Gallatin County, the Judge will order mediation prior to hearing a case, absent an emergency.   Mediation is generally much less expensive and time-consuming than divorces that are resolved in court, as it involves a neutral third party who works with both spouses, with or without lawyers present. Since the mediator works with rather than for both parties, they are not allowed to give legal advice to either. What they will do is help a divorcing couple communicate by keeping both on track of the issues at hand. This is particularly helpful for spouses who have children and will need to maintain a relationship as parents after the divorce is finalized.

Audrey Cromwell can answer any additional questions you may have about the mediation process. She is an experienced divorce mediator who has mediated dozens of divorce cases.