Your Business

Starting, acquiring, selling or operating a business is certainly exciting – but it can also be quite precarious. The decisions you make in these early times can impact the entire future of your endeavor. That’s why it’s essential you have experienced counsel to provide clear, comprehensive legal advice during critical periods of your business’ lifecycle. The right guidance can help protect you and your business, now and for years to come.

At Cromwell Law, we take great pleasure in helping entrepreneurs establish or sell their businesses, maximize their investments, and plan for future growth. Through our limited scope representation services, we can participate as much or as little as you like in the process, enabling you to save money on legal costs that can be put toward other areas of your business.

Starting a Business

To begin a new venture, you invest both money and an enormous amount of sweat equity. Cromwell Law attorneys can perform legal research, help you select your entity structure and guide its formation, draft and review documents and contracts, and offer specialized counsel to give you peace of mind as you start your new business.

Purchasing or Selling a Business/Assets

Purchasing or selling a business or assets involves risk that requires due diligence. Cromwell Law attorneys can review the businesses financials, current contracts, debts and liabilities to ensure total transparency throughout your entire business transaction, giving you the information you need to make a confident decision. We also can draft purchase and buy-sell agreements to ensure the legality of your transaction.

Outsourced In-House Counsel

It is natural for complexities to intensify as a successful enterprise grows. These added layers include human resource requirements, such as creating an employee handbooks and policies, hiring and termination procedures, severance agreements, contract drafting and negotiation, and business succession planning. For small to mid-sized companies, outsourcing in-house counsel to a Cromwell Law attorney provides you an advantage for sustainable prosperity.

Web and Mobile App Privacy and Data Security

For tech companies and those involved in eCommerce, proper privacy and security policies are paramount to building trust with clients. Additionally, restrictions and regulations become complicated when businesses conduct transactions in other states or countries. Our attorneys are experienced in developing web and mobile app privacy and data security policies, testing them, and ensuring that you are in compliance with state, federal, and international regulations.

Thanks to our extensive experience in organizing, incorporating and advising start-ups, the attorneys at Cromwell Law understand the needs and concerns of small business owners in forming an enterprise. We listen carefully to your goals and work together with you to explore your legal options as effectively and efficiently as possible.