Montana State University Legal Services

The Associated Students of Montana State University (ASMSU) have partnered with Cromwell Law to offer students affordable legal services.  If you are an MSU or Gallatin College student you can meet with one of our experienced lawyers for $10.  For the cost of a 1-topping pizza from Colombo’s, our attorneys can help you resolve your legal problem, saving you time, energy, and money.

We offer legal advice for a wide range of legal issues. The majority of our cases are alcohol and drug related criminal charges, landlord-tenant, business and non-profit, family law, and immigration issues. 

To make an appointment and learn more go to

What can I expect at my appointment? 

  • Legal Services costs $10 due when you book your appointment.

  • To qualify for legal services, you must be a MSU or Gallatin College student taking 7+ credits.

  • Each appointment lasts 30 minutes. 

  • Please arrive a couple of minutes before your appointment to fill out our confidentiality and representation agreement. 

  • Make sure to bring any important documentation with you to your appointment for your attorney to review.

NOTE: All appointments take place on MSU campus in SUB 221